In 1960, Mr. Pietro Repetti founds his first company which is specialised in bodywork repairs on Cars and commercial vehicles.

In 1974, the company began to produce armoured cars and, at that time, we were one of the few worldwide companies specialized in this field

From 1974 up to the present time, Repetti has been growing steadily and has consolidated its market position up to being considered a reference point and sole supplier (armourer) to Vehicle Manufacturers such as: Volkswagen Group (Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda) Fiat Group (Maserati, Fiat Auto, Alfa Romeo, Lancia) and Iveco

Repetti operates in two factories which belong to the Repetti family they cover an area of 30.000 square metres of which 8.000 are under cover.

Number of employees: approximately 80

The annual turnover is from 13.000.000,00 to 25.000.000,00 Euros

The annual production is about 350 armouring outfits, this production can be increased by about 20% to answer to the market requirement

In addition to this, the production of Kits in steel and composite materials.

The price: quality ratio is well in line with the top international competitors.

Repetti has attained Quality Certification ISO 9001/2008

The total production since foundation until today counts over 15.000 vehicles.


Presidency of the Italian Republic, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Interiors, Ministry of Defense, General Command of Carabinieri, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Guardia of Finanza (Financial Police), Bank of Italy, Volkswagen Group (Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda), Iveco S.p.A, Fiat Group, Mitsubishi, Subaru


The company was founded sixty years ago by Pietro Repetti as a traditional coach- building workshop and for forty years has been specialized in armouring conversions for vehicles.

Repetti is a family-run firm, Stefano Repetti continues the work of his father Pietro with the same attention to the needs of customers who are more and more careful and prepared.

The company has always been owned by the same family, worldwide there are few companies in this sector that can boast such a feature.

ConPreserving the craftsman’s know-how, Repetti has become for 35 years official supplier of Fiat, Lancia, Alfa Romeo and Maserati group, partner of Iveco and other Car Manufacturers and this has enabled us to achieve top-level quality standards.

Not surprisingly the Presidency of the Italian Republic utimakes use of vehicles designed and built by Repetti.


The plant is located in the industrial area of Casale Monferrato and measures 16.000 square metres, 8.000 of which are under cover.

80 highly specialized employees and the quality of their projects, the procurements from the Italian Government and from Governments of many other countries worldwide, the reliance shown by the great National and International security companies, make Repetti a leading worldwide company in the sector of conversion and armouring of any kind of vehicle, from cars to valuables transport vans and special vehicles.

Over 15.000 vehicles were produced since the start of our business career.

Several thousands of armouring kits are produced for the Car Manufacturers and for foreign coachbuilders.


The continuous development of the production systems has confirmed Repetti as a reference point in its field at a Worldwide level. It has succeeded to maintain the craftsman’s know-how of its technicians, combining it with an industrial organisation capable of defining the quality standards which set the reference examples in the field. This accomplishment has now enabled Repetti to ensure the highest quality at competitive prices and to provide armoured vehicles of absolute excellence.


The Repetti’s projects are the result of a uniformity of process. This means coupling the advantages of the craftsman’s systems , which afford improved customisation and greater flexibility, with those of an industrial organisation. Such manufacturing technique of the product can benefit from the cooperation with major partners, including Magneti Marelli for the development of mechanics, Brembo and TRW for the braking systems. This is a production technique that results in the optimisation of the structural modifications, but also, and above all, it enables the conversion work to be carried out not simply as the adaptation of armouring materials to a separately designed vehicle, but as a whole. Hand in hand with the Car manufacturer, each component is designed from the beginning, so that protection and armouring constitute the technologically natural evolution of the vehicle.