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Our services

Every detail matters.
For this reason, in addition to the production of armored vehicles, we deliver a series of services that complete and improve the experience of the Clients that decide to work with us.

Second-hand vehicles

The second-hand vehicles that we withdraw go through several checks to find every intervention needed for a correct regeneration. This interventions include the mechanic, the body, the electrical system, the interiors and the security system. The second-hand vehicles are mainly armored cars and cash-in-transit.


We put at disposal of the Clients the possibility of renting our armored vehicles by stipulating short-term contracts with or without the driver as well as long-term contracts without the driver.

Assistance to the import and registration in the country of destination

Thanks to our experience we are able to assist the Clients from the delivery to the registration of the vehicles in Italy and other Countries.

After-sales services

For us is fundamental to create a net of after-sales services which involve the possibility of a direct intervention of our specialized staff as well as the collaboration with trusted body-builder. This collaboration is simplified thanks to a series of video tutorial we created that can be shared to coordinate the intervention process.

Our values


The production process and the working techniques are optimized to set a really high level of security.


The UNI EN ISO 9001 certification is accomplished by the companies that reach excellence in the production organization.


The quality-price ratio is in line with the best international competitors.

About us


The Company was born in 1962 as a traditional body-repair, a family business founded by Pietro Repetti. From the early seventies we are specialized in armoring conversion for many different vehicles. With the know-how of the craftsmanship and thanks to the collaboration with Car Manufactures, in particular FCA Group, Iveco and Volkswagen Group, we set really high quality standards in the international market. In the industrial area of Casale Monferrato, Repetti Spa facilities cover 24.000 square meters. The highly qualified staff, the quality of the projects, the orders of the Italian Government and of the Government of many other Countries worldwide, the trust of the national and international Clients, make Repetti Spa one of the most importantarmoring companies in the world.

More than 15.000 are the armoring vehicles made since the beginning and thousands of armoring kits supplied to Car Manufactures and foreign body builders. The main productive unit is where the armoring process is done; it is organized to improve the working conditions. The production lines are three: one dedicated to the cash in transit vehicles, one to cars and the last one to antiriot vehicles, light military vehicles and prototypes. Part of the operative structure of the company includes a unit with a 5.000 square meters surface, of which 2.500 are covered; it can be used as a second productive unit or to stock finished vehicles and as a charging station. Stocking the vehicles in a covered space is really important to avoid damages due to the exposure to the atmospheric agents.

The armor department has quality machinery as regards the modeling of the steel elements that make up the armor set-up. Once we have created the shape of the steel elements, they are elaborated with a 2D modeling software. All the files are prepared and than sent to a machine that uses the high definition plasma cut technology as well as others that use laser cut technology. The steel elements must be shaped to fit perfectly the chassis of the vehicle.

Thanks to the technological research we are able to find solutions for every situation. Depending on the kind of weapon and attack, we realize different armoring kits defined by international parameters. Repetti vehicles provide the best solutions with a top level ratio between costs and performances.

Every solution is based on the use of the most innovative defensive materials. The possibility of testing the armored vehicles “at home” is a big advantage in technical and temporal terms. The ballistic room is big enough to host vehicles of considerable dimensions and is equipped to take every necessary measurements.

Where we are

Via Achille Grandi 16 – 15033 Casale Monferrato (AL)